Founded by a husband and wife team in 2019, Healthy Options Market is an Organic and Eco-friendly online store based in Riviera Maya, Mexico, created as a one stop shop for like-minded health conscious individuals who want to restore their body, mind and spirit, by using the best organic and eco-friendly products that Mexico has to offer.

Our focus is not solely on the sale of products, but also on contributing to our online community with weekly blogs, recipes and the latest natural health news.

During 2020, we launched our booking platform, where clients can log-in to their account and book a virtual Health Consultation or Fitness Instruction from the comfort of their own home, with one of our fully qualified professionals. 

Our clients not only have the option to purchase Organic Food, Household Products, Health Books, Personal Care Products, Essential Oils and Cosmetics, that may help improve their approach to a new lifestyle, but they also have access to educational tools on the importance of clean living and healthy eating habits.

We wish to encourage other people to take their health into their own hands with Healthy Options Market as a guide to high-quality organic products that may help them achieve their goals.

Invest In Your Health And See The Difference It Can Make In Your Life!


Our goal is simple; 

  • Distribute high-quality products to our customers within Mexico.
  • Ensure a fast delivery by only using courier services.
  • Work with Mexico’s top organic and eco-friendly manufacturers & suppliers.
  • Never sell a product that we wouldn’t use in our own home.
  • Aim for 100% Certified Organic Products, however in cases where the quality is higher in Wild-Crafted or Pesticide-Free products, we will always select the healthiest option available.
  • Post weekly health blogs, news and recipes to help our online community.
  • Offer online consultations with health experts, in the fields of Natural Medicine & Fitness for our national and international clients.


Create Mexico’s biggest online Organic Store & Health Conscious Community with health consultants, fitness instructors, manufacturers and suppliers that hold the same ethics and high standards as the Healthy Options Market team.