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We are constantly looking for interesting and innovative additions to our range and welcome information from producers and suppliers who believe that their product is suitable for our organic / ecological platform here in Mexico.


Healthy Options Market wishes to build upon win-win partnerships and long term business relationships that develop from both parties being able to share in open and honest feedback. We always aim to treat suppliers with respect, fairness, and integrity and look for the same in return.


The next step in determining whether we can consider your product offer is to check that, as a minimum, it meets our Quality Standards and you hold the correct permits or certifications as indicated by lawfully regulated institutions governing Mexico. These standards also must ensure that certain ingredients have a positive impact on our health in order for our clients to achieve their health goals. 


You must be able to provide invoices for your products. You must be able to ship your products within a week of any order being placed with your company. Your products must also have a shelf life of a minimum six months to one year.


You can contact our Sales & Purchasing Department using the email where a member of our team will be able to guide you about further information requirements, current suitability and ultimately whether we can progress with the sale of your product. 


We accept applications for the following organic products:

Beauty & Personal Body Care 

Nutritional Supplements 



Medicinal Creams or Liquids 

Prepared Foods & Bakery  

Dried Goods 

Dehydrated Fruit & Vegetable Snacks 

Pet Food & Pet Care 

Homecare & Household Products

Essential Oils

We are also accepting applications for the sale of Digital E-Books from natural health experts, fitness instructors, horticultural experts and other specialist that have knowledge to share about clean healthy living.

Providing complete and accurate information in your product submission will certainly help to expedite the process. Thank you for getting in touch, we wish you every success with your business and look forward to hopefully working with you soon!

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