Become A Healthy Options Market On-line Consultant



We are currently recruiting professional, positive and like-minded individuals, to join our Healthy Options Market Team. Be part of our exciting and growing community of on-line Healthcare Consultants & Fitness Instructors. You would be a very important addition to the services that we already offer and we welcome information from such individuals, which believe their service is suitable for both our business and our health conscious clients.


We accept applications from the following professional Consultants:

Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic Psychologists

Naturopathic / Holistic / Integrative Practitioners

Clinical Nutritionists

Ayurvedic / Chinese / Oriental Practitioners

Clinical Hypnotherapists

CBD Specialists

Homeopathic / Botanical / Herbal Specialists

Yoga Instructors

Body Conditioning / Physical Fitness Instructors

Tai Chi Instructors

Lifestyle Counsellors


Or perhaps you are a vegan, vegetarian or health conscious chef that would like to give an on-line private cooking instruction or maybe you have a healthy cookbook you would like to sell? We would also like to hear from you, as we believe in not only selling organic healthy food choices to our clients, but also teaching them how best to use those ingredients in their everyday home cooking, as an important step in building our brand and their health.


The Healthy Options Market Team wishes to build upon win-win partnerships and long term business relationships that develop from both parties being able to share honest feedback and creative healthy ideas. We always aim to treat our consultants with respect, fairness, and integrity and look for the same in return. If you have the capability of working from home, have a couple of hours spare per week and would like to make an extra income, we would be delighted to hear from you. We especially would like to hear from Consultants / Chefs that are not only fluent in Spanish, but have other language skills such as English, German, French, Italian etc. as we would like to reach a broad range of clients from around the world with our on-line service.


The next step in determining whether we can consider you for our on-line position is to check that, as a minimum, you meet the following application criteria:

You must be over 25 years of age.

You must be fully qualified in your profession and hold the correct certifications.

You must be registered in Mexico with SAT and be able to issue invoices according to your professional services.

You must have a Mexican bank account.

You must be a good time keeper & be reliable.

You must be friendly & a good communicator.

You must have access to on-line communication media such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc.

You must strongly believe in natural health approaches to helping our clients heal their body, minds and souls.


You can contact us using the email or through any of our social media accounts, where someone will be able to guide you about further information requirements, current suitability and ultimately whether we can progress with an interview.


Providing complete and accurate information in your submission will certainly help to expedite the process. Thank you for getting in touch, we wish you every success in your application and look forward to hopefully working with you soon!