Time For Healthy Eating!



I stumbled upon this quote recently and it got me thinking.


“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” – Edward Stanley


I don’t know how many times I have heard people complain about how unwell they feel, yet in the same breath say “I don’t have the time for healthy food” or “I don’t have time to work out” or even worse “The doctor said I don’t have to worry about my diet”.


The truth is we should be concerned about the food we put in our body, as we have the power to make the correct choices every time we go to a supermarket or a restaurant. If we want to live a vibrant life, we have to make time to find out what type of food helps our body to heal and thrive and what food causes us to have inflammation and dis-ease. Life is about living and not just existing!


Logically, isn’t it cheaper to spend money on healthy food and supplements now, which will help us build a strong immune system and body than to spend a large amount of money on hospital bills later? Years of making the wrong choices can leave us with a body that is lacking in so many essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We must make time for the most important thing in life, our health!


Unfortunately, for some, we can receive a diagnosis that we thought could never happen. I can say from my personal experience that I went from day to day thinking I was eating the right food, and living what I thought was a healthy lifestyle. I was working out all the time and pushing my body to the max in the gym, as well as having a highly physically active job, but when I was suddenly faced with a life threatening illness, I had to stop and think “How on earth did this happen and if this isn’t healthy eating and living, then what is?”


It took me years to re-educate myself on health and to get rid of what I now know were very bad habits, both in terms of food and lifestyle. However, as each year went by, I learned more about what true clean living is. My body responded well and eventually began to thrive again. Eating truly healthy meals and living a less toxic lifestyle, means we don’t have to feel dis-ease now or later on in life. Instead, we can feel vibrant, full of energy, have a clearer mind and we can live the abundantly healthy life we were born to live.


Every single piece of food or drink we consume has an impact on our daily life and eventually if we don’t give our body what it needs to thrive, it’s going to run out of fuel and send our immune system into overdrive.


Don’t wait until you feel dis-ease in your body to eat healthy food or to begin cleaning up your personal environment. Start thinking today about the food you eat, the toxins that surround you in your home, work place or indeed the chemicals you use on your body every day and what impact it has on your health. Spend as much free time and energy on learning the true needs of your body, mind and spirit, so you can live in harmony and peace.


Think about it…a small change today can mean a big impact tomorrow.


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The opinions expressed in this column are not those of Healthy Options Market. They are solely intended to spark discussion and the thought process behind issues pertaining to general health and wellness. Always seek the advice of a Professional Healthcare Provider when making any decisions pertaining to your health.