Las 5 ventajas de tener un entrenador personal




When we finally decide to take care of our physical health and cross the difficult barrier of starting training, we are faced with a major dilemma. Over the next few weeks (or months);

  • Will we exercise the way we think best, hoping to get lucky and achieve some kind of result?
  • Will we imitate what family and friends who have little more experience than us do, trusting that they “know what they are doing”?
  • Will we look for any of the many references found in magazines, social networks and articles on the subject, trusting that what worked for these athletes (usually in situations completely different from ours) can be applied to our goals?
  • Will we follow the professional advice of an expert on the subject who can design a training plan focused on our goals and our physical condition?

In this blog we will explore 5 advantages of deciding on the last option.


ADVANTAGE # 1 - Plans Made To Measure

Perhaps the most expressed advantage of having a Personal Trainer is the possibility of having a Training Plan designed for us, considering our age and gender, our level of physical condition, experience and, most importantly, focused on our objectives.

We can compare it to buying a tailored suit, made to measure, with the style that best suits us and with the fabric that we like the most against buying a suit in a generic store, hoping that there is something that fits us well, we like it and it goes with our style.


ADVANTAGE # 2 - Adjust Plans Based On The Results That Are Obtained.

Nobody likes to imagine that the things they plan do not turn out as they wanted. However, by doing a bit of introspection, we can realize that this is precisely the common factor of most of our life experience. I mean, things don't usually turn out as we originally planned.

This should not be a reason for discouragement, but rather an incentive to know how to face a contingency situation, having enough tools to allow us to respond to an unexpected situation. When we hire a Personal Trainer, we know that they have the repertoire of knowledge, tools and strategies to be able to react to unexpected situations in our planning, guaranteeing a greater probability of achieving the desired results.


ADVANTAGE # 3 - Guidance & Support

It is a reality that we are social beings and that is why we are more enthusiastic about teamwork than working alone. When we have a Personal Trainer, we know that we will not be alone on this (not always pleasant) path of training and physical health.

The Personal Trainer will take us by the hand, monitoring how we feel during the training, correcting the postures, teaching us what and how we should execute the exercises. The Personal Trainer will also help us to better integrate eating with training. For this reason, we know that it is a support we have. We are not alone, because the Personal Trainer fulfills the function of accompanying us, informing us to clear up our doubts.


ADVANTAGE # 4 - Discipline V’s Self-Discipline

Most of us are aware that having discipline is one of the most important requirements for reaching our fitness and fitness goals (and, in general, for achieving anything in life). We also know that being disciplined is an extremely complicated task that requires very good habits and a lot of commitment. Well, even more complex than being disciplined is being SELF-DISCIPLINED. It turns out that the vast majority of people tend to have moderate discipline when making a commitment to another person. Thus, we can see that for most it is relatively easy to do a task when someone else supervises us, be it at school or at work. This is mainly due to our social need to feel accepted. However, if we are the ones who “self-monitor”, we tend to give up and give up very soon, breaking all our good intentions. After all, the person who most pampers us is the one we greet in the mirror.

That is why it is very beneficial to have the support of a Personal Trainer with whom we commit to give the best of ourselves, since, by nature, it will be more "uncomfortable" to look bad with him, than it would make us uncomfortable to " look bad ”with ourselves.


ADVANTAGE # 5 - Motivation

The Personal Trainer knows how to applaud our efforts and when to push ourselves to give a bigger one. It is important to mention that we are not always aware of our progress. A Personal Trainer helps us to provide feedback on our approach by showing us our achievements and helping us to see the results we are achieving with consistency, perseverance and discipline.

The above is not fortuitous, since the Trainer is trained to apply those methods that will serve to carry out physical tests and measure our progress. These changes turn out to be a great motivator, because when we know that we are faster or stronger, or when we realize that our clothes fit better, our self-esteem increases, making us more confident and happier people.



Taking into account that if we have a Training Plan tailored to us, adjusting to the results that are obtained, counting on adequate guidance and support, creating a commitment that pushes us and motivates us to continue on our way to achieve our objectives, we see that having a Personal Trainer turns out to be the best alternative that we can choose when deciding to start training. This will help us to become better people, more disciplined, with higher self-esteem and more optimistic.


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