Cómo Mejorar Nuestra Condición Cardiovascular  (Tercera Parte)


In previous blogs we talked about Cardiovascular Condition and VO2Max as its indicator. We also saw that Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises help improve the latter. Later we learned how to measure VO2Max for people with little or very little physical condition through the Rockport Test.

Now we will see a way to measure VO2Max for people who are in good physical condition.


This test was originally designed for the United States Army in 1968 by Colonel Kenneth H. Cooper (Oklahoma, 1931), MD.

As mentioned before, this test is physically very demanding, so it must be carried out by people who have a good cardiovascular condition. As always, we insist on the importance of consulting a healthcare professional before performing any type of physical test.


This test can be carried out on flat terrain without many curves, which is well defined to measure the distance travelled or by using GPS. It can also be applied on a treadmill that allows you to accelerate quickly and reach speeds above 18 km / h

  1. This test consists of traveling the greatest possible distance in twelve minutes, using constant speed and efforts.
  2. During its duration, it is required to make the greatest possible effort, reaching exhaustion.
  3. Due to the significant effort to be made, it is recommended to prepare the body with a joint, muscular and cardiovascular warm-up of at least 5 minutes.
  4. Similarly, at the end of the test, a return to calm should be performed through a walk that slows the heart rate followed by passive stretching.

The distance recorded at twelve minutes is applied to the following formula:

VO2Max = 22.351 * d (12) -11.288


d(12) are the kilometres travelled in 12 minutes at the highest possible constant speed.


Once VO2Max has been calculated, it is recorded for comparison with future tests.

In order to improve VO2Max, a proper training program must be followed, as mentioned in previous blogs. For this, it is required to know and know how to apply the different Resistance Training Methods.

In Part Four of this topic, we will discuss the fundamentals on which these methods are based, their different types and how they help us achieve different objectives.


Depending on the level of physical condition that one has, different tests can be applied to calculate the VO2Max and be able to have a frame of reference to know how we are improving our Cardiovascular Condition.

It is important to note that these tests are indirect measures of VO2Max and are obtained from averages, so they are not 100 percent accurate. To calculate the VO2Max directly, ergo spirometers are used in specialised facilities and under the supervision of professional personnel.

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