Cómo Mejorar Nuestra Condición Cardiovascular (Segunda Parte)





In this blog we continue with the topic “How to Improve Our Cardiovascular Condition”.

We previously saw;

  1. What is this Condition?
  2. That it is possible to measure it using VO2Max as an important indicator.
  3. That this value can be improved through Resistance Exercises.
  4. Cardiovascular.
  5. That we also obtain other benefits.
  6. Some examples of Cardiovascular Endurance Activities.

In this blog we will see a way to measure this VO2Max focused on people who have never exercised. This offers a very careful frame of reference to avoid reaching intensities too extreme for the physical condition of these people during this test.

We will also see how to start a basic training program to improve this indicator.


This test, as mentioned above, is aimed at people who, due to significant overweight or poor physical condition, cannot run. Before continuing, we must stress the importance of consulting a healthcare professional before performing any type of physical test.


  • This test can be performed on flat terrain without many curves and limited to one mile (1609 meters) or, on a treadmill programmed at one mile (1609 meters)
  • Also requires scale, stopwatch, and heart rate monitor



  • The development of this test is quite simple. First, the person is weighed.
  • This is followed by a simple warm-up with joint rotations and a light walk of 200 meters.
  • Subsequently, it is sought to cover a mile by walking as quickly as possible, according to the physical condition of each person.
  • Finally, upon crossing the finish line, the final heart rate and time elapsed during the test are recorded.



  • Recorded values ​​are used in the following formula:

VO2Max = 132.6 - (0.17 * P) - (0.39 * age) + (6.31 * s) - (3.27 * t) - (0.156 * HR)



P = Body weight in kg

S = Sex, Men = 1; Women = 0

T = Time in minutes

HR = Heart rate in beats per minute



Once a VO2Max value has been obtained, it is recorded for comparison with subsequent tests.

In order to improve our results, an adequate training program must be followed. It can be started with a walking plan of 3 days a week, with durations of 10 - 30 minutes, depending on the difficulty experienced in the test. That is, if the test felt very strenuous, walk for only 10 minutes; on the other hand, if the experience during the test was easy, 30 minutes of walking will be done.

It is important to record the distances reached in each walk and seek to improve these distances each week.

After the second week, 5 minutes are increased weekly to each walk, maintaining the same rhythm. In the same way, the intensity of the walk should also be increased by covering small routes (from 20 to 100 meters) at different inclinations (from 0.5 to 5 degrees), seeking to maintain and improve the times and distances with inclinations each week.

Example of walks:


Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun


20 minutes, flat terrain



20 minutes, flat terrain



25 minutes, flat terrain + 50 metros at a 1° inclination



30 minutes, flat terrain + 100 metros at a 2° inclination



Incline stretches can be done at any time within the training session. It is important to remember that a warm-up should be done before each session and that, at the end, some passive stretches should be done to relax the muscles.


In order to improve our cardiovascular condition we need a method to measure it, otherwise, how will we know if we have improved it or how long have we done it?

There are several established methods for calculating VO2Max and cardiovascular condition, many of which are more suitable for people in better physical condition. For people with very little physical condition, the Rockport Test is very appropriate.

Once we obtain a value from our cardiovascular condition, we can enroll in an exercise program that allows us to develop this capacity. It is very important to start with little exercise and gradually increase it to ensure better results and avoid injury.

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