Cómo Mejorar Nuestra Condición Cardiovascular (Primera Parte)


(PART 1)



In these times when heart disease and circulatory system disorders are one of the main global mortality factors, taking care of our cardiovascular condition has become one of the most important factors in measuring our health.

Improving our eating habits and starting a resistance training program should be the main framework to achieve this. This blog seeks to offer an introduction to the different options that can help us get started on the second point; circulatory system disorders.


First, cardiovascular resistance can be defined as the ability to support and sustain an effort with our heart and the entire circulatory system for a period of time. From the above, we can see that we improve our cardiovascular condition when we:

  1. Support the same effort for a longer time,
  2. Support a greater effort during the same time.

As the cardiovascular system is made up of muscle fibers (cardiac and smooth type), it can benefit from physical exercise, since it follows the super-compensation principle that allows functional improvement through the application of the correct physical stress.


This improvement translates into greater efficiency in the transport of oxygen to the different tissues involved in physical activity and can be measured in terms of the maximum volume of oxygen or VO2Max.

We can understand this variable as the greatest amount of oxygen that we can displace and metabolize in the body in a given period of time.

As we can see, as in our definition of cardiovascular resistance, again time is a fundamental factor. This is because the VO2Max indicates our physical power to carry out an effort.


Our VO2Max is known to decrease by up to one unit each year. This is a reflection of how we are losing cardiovascular condition with age. The good news is that cardiovascular endurance exercises can help us to recover this loss, making our cardiovascular system more efficient, even to the point of rejuvenating it. How many people do we know who look older than they are? Surely many! Well, with cardiovascular resistance exercises we can reverse this, getting to not only look, but act and feel younger too.


It is important to mention that, in addition to improving our cardiovascular condition, having a good cardiovascular resistance training program brings with it other metabolic and functional benefits:

  • Loss of body fat, since many kilocalories are eliminated with this type of exercise.
  • Regulation of the endocrine system, due to the impact of these efforts at the level of the different glands that are required to carry out these exercises.
  • Improvement in the function of most of the body's systems, because they benefit from the superior blood supply achieved by achieving a more efficient cardiovascular system.


In addition, we can find many facilities when practicing this type of training.

  • Ease of execution - Although it is always important to know the technical fundamentals of each exercise and to follow the safety guidelines of all physical activity, most cardiovascular resistance exercises involve very simple biomechanics, such as walking, jogging or running, or they require skills learned at an early age by most people, such as biking and skating, which allows us to get started relatively easily in these programs.
  • Few requirements - Although these exercises can be done in specialised facilities, such as swimming pools and skating rinks or with specific equipment such as treadmills and elliptical’s, they can also be performed in more democratic ways in parks and cycle tracks, especially now, since most of the modern cities have grown an important awareness of physical activity that is reflected in the construction of public spaces specially designed for this purpose.


In general, remembering that execution time is essential in cardiovascular resistance training, we find that we can include in our list any activity that involves medium and long times for its execution. Thus, a possible list of activities would be:

  • Hiking
  • Trot and Running
  • Up and down stairs
  • Bike
  • Dance
  • Elliptical
  • Functional circuits

In following blogs we will analyse various activities on this list, proposing the best ways to start these Training Programs.


It is very important to improve our health to incorporate a cardiovascular resistance training plan into our daily routine. The benefits are transcendent, from reversing many negative effects of age, to reducing sizes etc.

The exercises in these programs can be started without much technical knowledge, making them ideal for starting any comprehensive training program. The activities should be of medium and long durations depending, as always, on the physical condition of each individual.

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